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Present yourself in a professional way. We know how your Ad Campaigns should look and where the ads should be placed so that your impressions will lead to a click. Using conversion tracking for your campaigns and statistical analysis will improve the way you approach your audience. Be where you are wanted and where your potential customers are. From setting up the regions in which your Ads should be shown to using phrase and broad match versions of your keywords to increase your website traffic.

Want to know more about Design?
Want to know more about Design?


You contact us and we learn about your business

We collect data from your website, marketing campaigns and your business

We analyse your traffic sources and your audience

We start monitoring and optimising your paid advertising campaigns

We tweak and modify your Ads until they perform the way we think they should


Together we define your long term goals

We discuss your online tactics

You choose the services you want

We come up with ideas for your business

We implement the ideas into the strategy

We collect data from Analytics, Social Media etc.

We again analyse your audience behaviour

We evaluate conversion tracking to optimise budget distribution

We measure and share the progress

Redefine Your Marketing Approach

We currently provide our services to a number of customers throughout Europe. We think you will be amazed by our expansion tips for your business. If you are interested in cooperating with us, come to our office in Bratislava or we can arrange a meeting elsewhere. Under the <a href=””>Contact Us</a> section, you can fill out our contact form to get the relevant information.

About Us

We are a company that specializes in online marketing optimization. Behind Ad-Place, there is a team of highly qualified, multilingual individuals based throughout Europe. We provide our services in a unique way, due to the fact that our team has a broad perspective in how to approach the needs of our clients. The outcome is a combination of professionality, experience and skill and is measurable in the long run. The performance is of course shared with our clients, who can see the progress.